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Yay for Book Launch parties… virtual ones, too!

What an adventure it is to write and publish a book. I’ve learned a ton in this process, but most of all, (and best of all), going through this process has changed me.Kind of like when I knew so much about marriage — before I got married.

And when I planned out all my perfect parenting strategies — before I became a parent.

I think I know so much — until I actually step out of my comfort zone.

It’s easy to wax eloquent about showing up for our lives and chasing our dreams. It’s a whole different story to step out in faith and take action. Anyone?

We don’t know what we don’t know. How grateful I am that we can be leading learners!

Someone asked me the other day what prompted me to write a book. Great question.

I wasn’t sure how to answer at first and then after some thought, I said, “You know, when we do the thing we’re made for, it inspires people around us to show up for their lives, too. I’ve learned from and been inspired by so many people, it’s time I stepped up and contributed.”

Living Your Legacy is my contribution to inspiring, motivating, and helping leaders recognize their impact and intentionally build cultures of honor. At work. At home. In life.

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“You Are The Average Of…”

You know the saying. You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with.

Last night, we spent the evening with an extraordinary family. Before they arrived, we were mere acquaintances. Yet, from the moment their coats were hung and the salad and side dish they brought were set on the table, the conversation volleyed creativity and ideas and possibilities.

Although dinner time was early in the evening, our conversation went late. These people cultivate a no excuses culture in their marriage and in their home. (Yes, please. Surround me with more of that.)

Encounters like these are oxygen for when the journey is long and our creative brain starts to get a little foggy. Here’s a bit of motivation . . . at one point in the conversation, the husband said, “My work doesn’t bring its’ own reward, so I need to find ways to bring the intensity.”

Bring the intensity. I smiled. I told him I hadn’t heard that term used in at least three weeks, ever since Isaiah moved back to the States.

People who look for ways to bring the intensity are typically people who also take extreme ownership for their lives. They’re always upping the ante, for themselves and whoever has the privilege of sharing their space. It’s refreshing.

Later in the evening, we got on the topic of our personal websites. I told them about the website I’ve had for three years — which only four or five people know about. His response was classic.

“Wait. You have a website no one visits? You don’t share it?”

I cringed. Without an ounce of shaming, his question challenged me to face my pride and ego and move forward.

So, here it is. My website:

One of the ongoing projects in my life.

And thanks to our new friends, (they’re brave, daring, audacious folks who foster undaunted faith and passionate mindsets), I’m rolling out the red carpet and inviting you in.

Please excuse the dust, the mess, and the noise. Hardhat recommended. We’re in the process of figuring out what it means to bring the intensity.

How about you?

Do you have any projects right now which might be challenging you to take a daring step of faith?

To bring the intensity?

Who are the people in your life who energize and infuse intensity into your dreams? (Have you told them thank you?)

For When the Journey Gets A Bit Overwhelming… And There’s So Much…

“Mom, there’s so many things I want to do in life.” He finishes his declaration and we sit quiet for several moments. I don’t want to interrupt the sacred. I wait.

And in the silence, I can see a younger version of myself.

Lain out on my belly, propped up on one elbow, copying pages out of books because I wanted to write — oh! how I wanted to write! — but I didn’t know what, so I alternated between reading and reproducing words already written.  Continue Reading

What to Do When You’re Inspired

Micro memory cards fill a small baggie. The contents on each one revealed by scrunched handwriting across the front: “Nepal,” “London,” “Switzerland,” “Garmisch-Partenkirchen.” I sift through them like so many diamonds slipping between fingers. These treasures — memories captured in bytes — waiting to be transferred to a sacred space where they can be displayed, the stories told.

Five years spent globetrotting and our journeys have barely begun. Sequels are waiting to be written, photos waiting to be taken. There are people to meet, conversations to have, and ideas to share.

Today I’m living in two worlds. Part of me is reminiscent as I go through boxes and papers and photos, sorting items into their appropriate places. The other part of me is daydreaming. Envisioning the journey ahead of us. I am passionate and I dream of sharing this passion… as well as our adventures.

…this. To go exploring. To go in search of more stories, both the ones we experience ourselves, but also the ones we get to hear or be a part of along the journey! Everything in me whispers, “This… this is what you’re wired for!”

I am inspired. And this inspiration, it isn’t mine for hoarding, to keep stashed away in two and four gigabyte memory discs. I know it’s to give away. To share.

And inspiration is never scarce. It’s there in your story, too. I look forward to hearing it.

Perhaps I’ll meet up with you? Perhaps you’ll share your story with me as we linger in Tangier over a sweet cup of mint tea?