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Intentional leadership begins by effectively leading and serving those in your sphere of influence. At home and in your organization.

Leadership excellence begins with you. And living fully, passionately into your destiny means living for a purpose larger than you.

Are you living your best, most authentic version of yourself? Is your leadership inspiring creativity, productivity, and joy in those around you?

I’m Sharon Olson, wife, mother, author, life coach.

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“You Are The Average Of…”

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You know the saying. You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with. Last night, we spent the evening with an extraordinary family. Before they arrived, we…

Reading Not So Obvious Books To Be A Better Parent

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It wasn’t long before I realized that reading parenting books only put limits on gaining invaluable parenting skills. Today Israel and I were talking about all the books I read….

Stop Pouting. Start Preaching.

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You know those days when you wake up wired? When you’re brimming over with excitement and anticipation? When everything just seems to line up and your world cooperates with you?…

Let’s Throw Fuel On That Fire!

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The breakout workshop ended and the 60 or so women gathered their notebooks and bags and slowly shuffled toward the back door. A woman had occupied every seat, leaving a…